Treatment Specialties

  • <h4><b>Spine Disorders</h4></b>

    Spine Disorders

    Herniated discs; degenerative and other disc diseases

  • <h4><b>Brain Disorders</h4></b>

    Brain Disorders

    Traumatic brain injuries; brain tumors

  • <h4><b>Peripheral Nerve Disorder</h4></b>

    Peripheral Nerve Disorder

    Carpal tunnel; radiating weakness, numbness, and pain in arms and legs

    "Before I had surgery, the pain interfered with even the smallest of task and I had difficulty sleeping. The pain made it hard for me to play or even interact with my children. Having the surgery was the best decision for me, I feel like I have my life back! If surgery is an option for you, I highly recommend and trust Dr. Ostrup for the job."

    ~ Shannon B.
    Back Pain

Neurosurgical Consult: An Educational Experience

Dr. Richard Ostrup Trusted Neurosurgeon

Richard Ostrup may be a neurosurgeon but his approach to the consultation process is about education. With more than 20 years in the field, Ostrup says that his primary job is to educate his patients, not to recommend surgery.

“Patients who come to see a neurosurgeon are not necessarily coming because they have to have an operation. They have a problem that the referring physician has identified and my job is to evaluate them and make recommendations,” says Ostrup, who adds that even after a recommendation for surgery is made, patients often need time to decide if that is what they want.

Many patients return in several months for an additional evaluation. “It’s a process and my primary job is to provide patients with knowledge about their health problem. Surgery is alternative for some but not for everyone.”

Should patients elect to have surgery, Dr. Ostrup has a strong history of excellent outcomes using contemporary surgical techniques.

“Patients come to me for education and to understand more about their spine or nerve disorders…not necessarily to have surgery. I view our consultations as an educational experience and surgery is an alternative for some but not for everyone, by any means.”
Dr. Richard Ostrup
- Neurosurgical Medical Clinic

One Patient’s Confidence in Dr. Ostrup & the Positive Results

Ryan Dellinger came to Dr. Ostrup with symptoms of tingling and spasms in his face and in the left and right side of his body. In 2007, Ryan Dellinger he had an implosion fraction at the C6-C7 location and opted to receive experimental surgery in which artificial gel discs inserted into his cervical spine.

Now experiencing symptoms once again, he came to Dr. Ostrup for a consultation.

Dellinger said Dr. Ostrup understood the significant experimental surgeries done in the field of neurology, understood his current condition and recommended spinal fusion for me. “I believe Dr. Ostrup was the doctor to help me achieve the proper results and treatment for my condition. He was “the man for the job,” which would be to go in and “fix” the problem at the previous surgical site.

“When I was in the hospital, every person on the staff—from the medical prep team to the surgical staff had positive things to say about Dr. Ostrup—that he was the best doctor in town. It was a plus for me to have that confidence in the doctor when going into the operation.”

“The pain has gone from my hands and I’m doing great after the surgery. I look forward to a positive outcome,” said Dellinger.

What Patients Are Saying

Here's what patients are saying about their experience:

"I had a problem in my cervical spine (C6-C7) with pain and weakness in my arm. It’s been 5 weeks since my surgery and I went to the gym this morning and look forward to getting in the ocean this summer. I wouldn’t have my life back without Dr. Ostrup."

Ruptured Disc, C6-7
"When I woke up from surgery, the terrible nerve pain was gone. I feel like Dr. Ostrup “pressed the reset button” and gave me another 30-40 years to enjoy my life and physical activities."

Nerve Pain
"I reinjured my spine and needed a neurosurgeon that was confident and caring. He has a wonderful bedside manner and made me feel like a priority. He told me the procedure was completed in its entirety and that my recovery would be swift and indeed, it was.”
Spine Injury

More About Dr. Ostrup

What’s Medicine got to do with Eagle Scouts?

That’s a question Dr. Ostrup definitely likes to answer since he’s been an Eagle Scout since he was age 13. “I carry the concepts of leadership, service and commitment into my daily practice as a physician,” he explained. “Scouting and medicine require hard work, dedication, meeting certain requirements and carrying an oath.

Read more about Dr. Ostrup HERE

Co-Inventor: Intracranial Pressure Monitor

Today, nursing personnel and staff use an intracranial catheter that Dr. Ostrup co-invented more than 25 years ago. The OLM Camino catheter is an intracranial pressure monitoring device and has become a staple in operating rooms and intensive care units around the world. This device helps determine if the intracranial pressure within the brain is increasing to levels that can be life-threatening and require medical intervention.

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