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From Serious Injury to College Degree

Many patients who discuss their treatment with Dr. Ostrup say that he “gave them their life back.” This was certainly true for an 18 year-old male, who had a skateboard accident and suffered a severe closed head injury. Since his condition was not treatable with surgery, drugs and electrolytes were administered and the patient was […]

The Office Visit: Exploring Spinal Pain

The vast majority of patients suffering from radiating nerve pain due to a compressed disc do not require surgery. Often, these patients experience neck or back pain at the particular site of the compression. Since the nerves are distributed from the spinal cord, patients can experience numbness and weakness in the leg or arm. However, […]

Culture Shift on Concussion Awareness

According to Dr. Ostrup, there is a culture shift occurring as it relates to concussion awareness—and it’s a good culture shift. That shift is the awareness by coaches, teammates and the players themselves. Ostrup says that concussions in San Diego County can pose a very real potential problem. “A head injury can have serious ramifications […]

What is Neuronavigation?

Neuronavigation or utilizing computer imaging techniques along with instrumentation has changed the face of neurosurgery today. With new technology advances, surgeons can more accurately pin-point the exact location of the disc problem or tumors on the spinal column or brain. “We used to take measurements from the skull to localize our incisions but neuronavigation has […]

PRESS RELEASE: San Diego Neurosurgeon Speaks Out On Concussion Awareness

Dr. Richard Ostrup Outlines Methods to Reduce Incidence Among Student Athletes La Jolla, CA—August 3, 2015–Neurosurgeon Richard Ostrup of Neurosurgical Medical Clinic of La Jolla,, explains that concussions in high school and youth sports are potentially a serious problem. “Only 10 percent of patients with concussions have a loss of consciousness,” said Ostrup. “If […]

Conservative Treatment: Always the First Choice

Although patients have pain and neurological deficits, many can recover without surgical intervention. In other cases, surgery is the best option. Let’s review several recent cases. Patient #1 The patient presented with severe arm pain developed after traveling. It was determined that this patient had acute cervical disc involvement. After 6-8 weeks of conservative treatment, […]

We Don’t Treat X-rays or MRIs, We Treat Patients

The most common conditions treated by Dr. Richard Ostrup ( are disorders of the spinal cord (e.g., spinal conditions involving the lumbar and cervical spine), brain problems (brain tumors), and peripheral nerve disorders. But to Ostrup, treatment doesn’t mean patients require an operation. “Very few require surgery,” says Ostrup. “Most people can be treated conservatively. […]

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